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2011 NHL All-Star Game: Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green Selected To Represent Washington Capitals

The rosters for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game have just been released, and only two members of the Washington Capitals are on the list. Ironically, they may be two of the Capitals that have struggled the most, though they are surely deserving. 

Right winger Alex Ovechkin and defensemen Mike Green were both selected to represent the Capitals in the game. Ovechkin made it despite suffering through the biggest slump of his career, while Green made it despite suffering through nagging injuries for a good portion of the first half. Ovechkin makes the team for the fourth time, while Green will make his All-Star debut. There were many other Capitals, including defensemen John Carlson and forward Alexander Semin, who may have been deserving, but the NHL decided to only pick Ovechkin and Green.

You can find the full NHL All-Star rosters here