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Morning Commute: How Come I Don't Feel Good About The Wizards' Win Last Night

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The Wizards are 10-26, including their overtime win against the Sacramento Kings last night. For this team, wins have been few and far between. So I guess I should be happy any time they win (double digits baby!), but for some reason I Just can't get excited about how the Wizards won last night.

First of all, they played the Kings without their best player in Tyreke Evans. The other (supposed) cornerstone of their franchise DeMarcus Cousins missed 15 of his 19 field goal attempts on his way to just 10 points. And yet, this one came down to a nail biter in overtime.

The Wizards had a 19 point lead after the first quarter, but they gave it all back with interest before halftime. They had multiple chances to win the game in regulation before John Wall nearly escorted some guy named Pooh Bear to the basket for the game tying layup.

Nick Young had 43 points. John Wall had 22. There is no way this game should have been this close. And yet, it was. Beno Udrih and Fransisco Garcia each had 26 points. How exactly do you let that happen? I really want to be happy about this win, but I just can't do it. There are too many glaring deficiencies for me to take it for what it was.

The Wizards won a game in which a player had a career night. It should have been extremely fun to watch. But I found it more frustrating.

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