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Saturday's NFL Playoffs TV Schedule, And Other Local Sporting Events

NFL Football

4:30, CBS: Ravens vs. Steelers. There's no love lost in this rivalry because there was none to begin with.

8:00, FOX: Packers vs. Falcons. I'm a firm believer that certain people's career paths are determined for them as soon as they're named. As soon as John Kuhn was named, he had two choices in life: Become the Packers fullback or become a lumberjack. You're just not going to see a business card that says "John Kuhn: Software Engineer" on it.

Local Basketball

12:00, ESPN U: Georgetown vs. Rutgers. If the Hoyas lose tonight, you can find your oversized panic button right here.

1:00, CBS: Maryland vs. Villanova. Only one player on the Wildcats over 6-6 plays more than 30 minutes per game. Jordan Williams is salivating right now.

2:00, CSN Washington: Georgia State vs. George Mason. This is the only time it will feel good to root for the Patriots this weekend.

4:00, ESPN: DeMatha vs. St. Anthony. DeMatha already made trips to Oregon, Texas and Rhode Island this year before today's jaunt to New Jersey. And unlike the Wizards, they can actually win outside of the District.

7:00, CSN Washington: Raptors vs. Wizards. Don't make fun of Andrea Bargnani tonight. He might not be the best no. 1 pick in the history of the NBA, but the Wizards don't have the best track record with no. 1 picks either.

Scout future ACC, Big East and CAA Opponents

11:00, ESPN 2: Marquette vs. Louisville.

12:00, MASN: Cincinnatti vs. Syracuse.

12:00, CSN Washington: Northeastern vs. VCU.

2:00, ESPN: Virginia vs. Duke.

2:00, MASN: Connecticut vs. DePaul.

4:00, Raycom: Florida State vs. N.C. State.

4:00, CSN Washington: Old Dominion vs. Hofstra.

6:00, ESPN U: Boston College vs. Miami.

7:00, ESPN: Seton Hall vs. Pittsburgh.

8:00, Raycom: Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech.