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Special Teams Coach Danny Smith Will Stay With Redskins, According To Reports

It looked like there was a possibility that special teams coach Danny Smith would not be with the Redskins next year. New Denver Broncos coach John Fox tried to woo Smith away with a big-money offer as soon as he was hired, and Smith looked like he might take the job. However, in the end, he has decided to stay here in D.C.

According to ESPN 980's Chris Russell, Smith will receive a contract extension that will keep him as the Redskins' special teams coach. 

#Redskins ST Coordinator Danny Smith turned down a lucrative offer from new #Broncos HC John Fox to stay here in DC. New Contract to come!    

Smith's unit has been up and down over the years, but he did a good job this season unearthing studs like Brandon Banks and Lorenzo Alexander. Players came out and supported him once news broke of his discussions with the Broncos, which surely helped keep him in D.C. However, according to the numbers, Smith's tenure has been mediocre at best.