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Maryland Safety Kenny Tate Will Reportedly Return For Senior Season

With all the upheaval in the Maryland football program, any continuity the Terps can maintain will be a good thing for the team moving forward. The Terps just got some good news on that front as Kenny Tate, arguably Maryland's best player and NFL prospect, has reportedly decided to return for his senior season.

Despite some false reports, Kenny Tate didn't declare for the Draft, a UMD source says. Tate's return is huge; he could be an AA next year.less than a minute ago via web

The impact Tate will have in the Terps' defensive secondary really can't be overstated. Tate has a chance to be one of the best defensive players in the Nation next year and a high pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. He can quarterback the Maryland defense from his spot in the secondary and continue to make plays.

Tate's best attributes are his size/athleticism and his ability to make tackles in front of him. At 6-4 225 lbs Tate is physical freak of a safety. He excels when playing in the box and has the freedom to read plays and make tackles. He struggles a little bit in coverage, but that is to be expected of someone who has only been playing safety full time for a few years now.