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2011 NFL Schedule: Redskins Will Face AFC East, NFC West, Panthers, Vikings

With today's loss to the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins fell to last place in the NFC East for the second year in a row. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles today (without Michael Vick), giving them a 6-10 record that is even to that of the Redskins. Because the Cowboys' 3-3 divisional record is better than the Redskins' 2-4, the Cowboys finished in third place in the division and the Redskins will occupy fourth.

With those results official, we can now determine which teams the Redskins will face in the 2011 NFL season, assuming there is a 2011 season.

We already knew that the NFC East teams will face each team from the AFC East and the NFC West based on the rotational schedule that the NFL has been following for years. Due to the Redskins' last place finish, they will also face the last place teams from the NFC South and North, meaning the Carolina Panthers and Minnesota Vikings.

The complete 16 game schedule will have the Redskins visiting Dallas, Philadelphia, New York (Giants), Buffalo, Miami, Seattle, St. Louis, and Carolina. The Redskins will also host home games against Dallas, Philadelphia, the Giants, the Jets, New England, Arizona, San Francisco, and Minnesota.