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Virginia Tech Vs. Maryland: New ACC Rivals Battle In Key Conference Showdown

The Maryland Terrapins and the Virginia Tech Hokies both had aspirations to be key players in the ACC race this season, but both have struggled and gotten off to disappointing starts. Tonight, the two teams meet in a key early-season showdown that could prove to be significant down the road. 

Along the way, Virginia Tech has done plenty of talking to try to push this rivalry to being, well, a rivalry. It started two days ago, when Hokies star Malcolm Delaney said that Maryland fans may be the "worst fans ever." Yesterday, his coach, Seth Greenberg, joined in, calling Maryland fans "abusive." This, of course, comes after forward Jeff Allen flipped off a fan after fouling out in last year's game. Tempers will certainly be flaring in College Park.

The key matchup is obviously between Delaney and Maryland star Jordan Williams. They are two of the top players in the conference, and both are so heavily relied upon by their teams. Whichever plays better will likely deliver their club the win.

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