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St. John's Vs. Georgetown: That's More Like It For The Hoyas

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Where was this Georgetown team earlier in the season? After a few impressive non-conference wins, the Hoyas looked pretty bad in the first part of the Big East season. It's a minor miracle that they are still ranked in the top 25, actually.

It doesn't take too much sifting through the box score to discover what it was that made the Hoyas successful last night. I know that most of the game doesn't show up in the box score, but you can identify when the team is doing the things necessary to win the game.

For example, the Hoyas had 21 assists on 26 made baskets. When you move the ball around like that and find the open man, it lead to good shot attempts. Which usually leads to makes. Hence, the Hoyas 51 percent field goal shooting.

The Hoyas only committed 15 fouls to the Red Storm's 23, which led to a +10 in free throw attempts. They also shot their free throws better than the Red Storm, and that accounted for an extra eight points.

Finally, the best players on the Hoyas were the best players on the court last night. Jason Clark, Austin Freeman, even Chris Wright with his assists, led the Hoyas last night. That is how you win in the Big East. You can't win when only one of your best players plays well. The two or three best players on the Hoyas played well, which we couldn't say earlier in the year.

Is this a harbinger of things to come, or is it just an outlier in what will prove to be a lost season? Who knows. But at least they have showed that they have the possibility to be as good as we thought they were when the season started.

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