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Alexander Semin Signs One-Year Contract Extension With Washington Capitals

In a move that came a little bit out of left field to many fans, the Washington Capitals have decided to give Alexander Semin a one-year contract extension. The team announced the move earlier this morning in a press release.

Semin's new one-year contract will pay him $6.7 million, according to Corey Masisak of He is currently making $6 million on a one-year contract for this season. 

Semin started off the 2010/11 season hot, but has slumped considerably since then. He hasn't scored a goal since November 28, and he has been on injured reserve since January 9. His long-term status with the team was definitely up in the air, as he was set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and surely would command a long-term extension. Instead of trading him or extending him for the long term, the Capitals took a third route and gave him the one-year extension.

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