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Maryland Vs. Virginia: Adrian Bowie Finally Comes Up Big

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I've been waiting for Adrian Bowie to step up and take control of this team for what feels like 10 years now. When he got to Maryland I was very excited about his potential because of his slick ball handling and even keel demeanor on the court. I thought he could be the next big point guard for the Terps.

Four years later and I'm still waiting for him to break through. He is one of the few seniors on this team, and he needed to lead both vocally and by example for the Terps to be successful this year. Up until the game against Virginia last night, he hadn't done that. But on a night when Jordan Williams didn't get a double-double (shocking, I know) and no other Terp starter seemed to be in rhythm, Bowie finally showed up.

He went 8-13 from the field and 3-5 from beyond the arc, but more importantly only three turnovers. The ACC is a guard driven league, so when a point guard is playing well it can take your team to another level.

Jordan Williams is a great player, but he can only take the team so far by himself. He needed a player next to him on the wing who could create his own shot and take some of the scoring load off of him.

But it can't just be Bowie either. Sean Moseley needs to play better than he has been this season. Cliff Tucker needs to continue to shoot the lights out. And the two freshman point guards need to just combine to equal the production of one really effective player. The Terps don't have a talent transcendent enough to win games all by himself. They need a balanced attack. Last night against Virginia, that is exactly what they got.


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