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Senior Bowl: Christian Ponder Impresses More Than Jake Locker

Bruce Allen and the Redskins scouting staff is in Mobile, Alabama to watch the Senior Bowl that's currently underway right now, and through two series', they have seen Florida State QB Christian Ponder look sharper than Washington QB Jake Locker.

Ponder finished his brief outing leading two scoring drives, one for a field goal and the other for a touchdown. He finished 5/9 for 95 yards and the TD toss.

Meanwhile, for Locker, it didn't go as well. One of the big knocks on the Washington QB was that he had accuracy issues, and through his first few series', they appeared to show up. On his first throw he had a receiver wide open but was unable to hit him in stride for a big gain. Obviously Locker is playing with receivers he has never played with before, so we could expect some rust. That being said, throws like that don't help Locker's case as someone who could be a top 15 draft pick.


As for Ponder, he has shown that he has the tools, but that he needs to stay healthy. He has had plenty of injury issues over the years and that scares NFL scouts to death. Could he be available for the Redskins when they select 42nd overall in the draft? He could be, and if he continues to show some improvement as the draft process goes on, perhaps Mike Shanahan will want to give him a chance.