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Senior Bowl: Von Miller Looks Like He Could Be Pretty Good

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If it wasn't obvious to those observing practice during the week, it's obvious now during the Senior Bowl game itself: Von Miller looks like he's going to be a player.


The Texas A&M linebacker has been all over the field in this game, making play after play after play, using his speed and athleticism to close on ball carriers quickly and get them to the ground.


The question from a Redskins perspective is, will he even be available at the 10 spot? At this point, it looks unlikely, but stranger things have happened in the draft. In fact, back in 2009, when it looked like then defensive end Brian Orakpo would be a sure top 10 pick, he slipped outside of that range and looked to fall into the hands of the Buffalo Bills. However, the Bills took another defensive end, Aaron Maybin, giving Washington the opportunity to get Orakpo at number 13. 


So if they're in a similar situation again in this upcoming draft, should the Redskins pull the trigger and draft Miller?