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TV Schedule: Jan. 8, 2011

Lots of great action on the docket today in sports. Let's start with the local games:


11:00, ESPN 2: West Virginia vs. Georgetown. I don't think John Thompson III is going to need a rousing speech to get the Hoyas motivated to face the team that beat them in the Big East Championship last season.

2:00, CSN Washington: George Mason vs. Old Dominion. Today's a huge game for George Mason if they want to be taken seriously in the CAA this season. After an unexpected loss at Hofstra, they could use a win against last season's CAA champ to right the ship.

4:00, Federal Radio 1500: George Washington vs. St. Joseph's. Still have the burning the desire to root against Philadelphia in something? Here's your chance.

7:00, CSN Washington Plus: Wizards vs. Bobcats. Seventeen is lean when you haven't won on the road. Here's to hoping that ends tonight.

8:00, CBS College Sports: Bucknell vs. Navy. Unfortunately, I'm required to link to this video whenever Bucknell plays Navy.


7:00, CSN WashingtonPanthers vs. Capitals. Alex Ovechkin won't be giving any motivational speeches in the locker room today since he can't think of an obscenity that rhymes with "Panthers."

After the jump, we've got your broadcast times for today's NFL playoff games and more basketball action for those of you who just can't get enough.

Playoff Football!

4:30, NBC: Saints vs. Seahawks

8:00, NBC: Jets vs. Colts

Maryland fans: Scout your future ACC opponents

12:00, ESPN 3: North Carolina vs. Virginia.

2:30, ESPN 3: Wake Forest vs. North Carolina State.

3:30, ESPN 2: Florida State vs. Virginia Tech.

4:30, CSN Washington Plus: Georgia Tech vs. Boston College.

6:00, ESPN U: Miami vs. Clemson.

Georgetown fans: Scout your future Big East opponents

12:00, ESPN 3: Syracuse vs. Seton Hall.

2:00, ESPN 3: Marquette vs. Pittsburgh.

3:30, ESPN: Connecticut vs. Texas.

8:00, ESPN U: St. John's vs. Notre Dame.

8:00, ESPN 3: Providence vs. Rutgers.