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UFC Live 6: Wiman Defeats Danzig in Cruz-Johnson Undercard

In the first Versus televised bout from the Verizon Center, Matt Wiman beat Mac Danzig by unanimous decision. The action had it all with the fighters exchanging punches, hitting the floor and attempting submission holds.

The guys at MMA Nation provide in-depth commentary and a round by round breakdown of the action, it is worth checking out. The Wiman-Danzig bout came to a wild finish, Danzig attempted a guillotine.

"Wiman drops for a double. Switches to a single. Danzig drops for a guillotine, has it locked in as the fight ends," the MMA Nation guys said. When the horn sounded to end the round both fighters, pouring blood from various cuts to their faces, jumped high and claimed to have won the fight.

Tonight's fight was a rematch from 2010 when Danzig won the fight on an arguable guillotine stoppage. Both fighters took and received elbows to the face, forearms to the chest, and knees to the ribs.