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UFC Live 6: Anthony "Rumble" Johnson KOs Charlie Brenneman on Cruz-Johnson Undercard

The first Versus fight tonight was an evenly fought war between Mac Danzig and Matt Wiman. The second fight was hardly a war, as Anthony "Rumble" Johnson repeatedly kicked Charlie Brenneman until the referee ended up stopping the fight. The most apt military comparison to Johnson fight may have been the United States invasion of Grenada in the 1980s.

The action did not even last the first round, as Brenneman received a final kick to the face that forced the ref to stop the fight. Brenneman, nicknamed The Spaniard, immediately popped up to complain that the fight should not have been stopped. UFC commentator Joe Rogan agreed, and many in the crowd groaned that the decision came so quick.

What is undeniable is that Brenneman sat in a very vulnerable position and looked dazed when the ref stepped in. UFC fighters can no doubt absorb physical punishment, but in the moment stopping the fight seemed to be the right call.

Next up is the Pat Barry vs. Stefan Struve fight. Check with MMA Nation for more.