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Snooki Likes Action, Sits Ringside At UFC Live 6 At Verizon Center

Things are getting weird on Fun Street. In a tweet, actual DC celebrity and Washington Capital John Carlson tweeted his excitement that fake celebrity Snooki was in attendance at the UFC Live 6 event. 

John Carlson 
This is sick. Snooki is here... Lon hair dont care


To further get your Snooki on, including a pic, take the jump.

Twitter scuttlebutt claims Snooki is friends with Charlie Brenneman and that is why she attended the fights. My hunch is she is an attention grabbing mess of a person, and that is why she attended the fights. Maybe she can give Brenneman a little advice on taking a punch. Too soon?

Below is the pic I promised. Thanks to @AriannyCeleste for the picture. 


Also, because I am doing the community a service here, Snooki, publisher of books and seller of souls, would prefer to be called Nicole.

 Nicole Polizzi 
Pet peeve? There's "the snooki" . -_- its snooki. Preferably nicole. Byeeeee