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UFC Live 6: Pat Barry Forced To Tap Out In Match Against Stefan Struve

The triangle choke looks as intimidating as it sounds. When 6'11" Stefan Struve put the submission hold on 5'11" Pat Barry, Barry had little option but to tap out.

The fight lasted into the second round before Struve got the triangle choke on Barry. Coming into the fight Struve, nicknamed the Skyscraper, had a career record of 25-5. Barry came into the fight with nine career UFC fights and six wins. 

In the first round the two fighters exchanged a series of kicks and punches with neither fighter inflicting much pain on the other. Though similar in weight, Barry faced a significant challenge considering Struve had significantly longer arms and legs. Barry made an effort to bring the action in close to negate Struve's height advantage, and landed a nice uppercut in the process.

In the second round, Barry repeatedly got inside on his opponent with success landing punches and kicks. Barry was done in once Struve was able to get Barry into a front headlock. From there, despite a hard slam from Barry, Struve got the choke hold and the fight ended.