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UFC Live 6: Dominick Cruz Beats Demetrious Johnson In Five Round Decision

In a fight that lived up to all of its pre-match hype, UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz defended his belt against Demetrious Johnson. The fight kept a frenetic pace from the opening bell through the last 10 seconds of the fifth round before judges announced the unanimous decision in favor of "Dominator" Cruz.

Cruz controlled much of the fight, especially when the action went to the floor. "Mighty Mouse" Johnson showed incredible quickness throughout the fight, and an escapability that served him well. Numerous times during the fight Cruz had Johnson in what looked like submission positions, but the Mighty Mouse squirmed his way out of choke hold after choke hold.

In post-bout interviews, announcers and both fighters talked about the incredible pace of the fight and the message was accurate. Both fighters attacked every second, though Cruz wanted to keep the challenger on the mat and Johnson worked hard to keep the action upright.

In the end, a nickname like Dominator is not given out lightly. In front of a loud crowd at Verizon Center, Dominick Cruz proved he earned the name.

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