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Conference Realignment: George Mason Approached By Atlantic 10, George Washington By CAA, According To Report

It's not just the big Conferences that are talking realignment. George Mason and George Washington are reportedly receiving interest from the Atlantic 10 and CAA, respectively.

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The biggest stories about Conference Realignment will undoubtedly be written about the major, automatic qualifier conferences. But that doesn't mean that the smaller Conferences won't get in on the fun too. When the big dominoes fall, the small ones often have a little action themselves, and that means that some local D.C. teams could be moving Conferences.

According to Pete Thamel of the New York Times, The CAA and the Atlantic 10 are interested in expanding as well, and they are targeting members of the other Conference to do that.

Hofstra’s president, Stuart Rabinowitz, had reached out informally to Atlantic 10 members Charlotte, Richmond and George Washington, along with Boston University of the America East, to gauge their interest in joining the C.A.A., according to two people with knowledge of the talks.

And that goes the other way too, as the Atlantic 10 has "expressed informal interest" in George Mason and other CAA schools. So maybe everybody just stay in your own Conference then? The fact that the instability has reached even these small-time conferences shows just how big of an issue this is for Collegiate Athletics right now. We'll have more on these potential moves as we learn more.