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NBA Lockout: John Wall, Andray Blatche React To Cancellation Of Season's First Two Weeks

The NBA canceled the first two weeks of the Regular Season on Monday after the two sides failed to reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. Any excitement or hope that the NBA season would be saved in totality is now gone, and things are looking bleaker that an agreement will be reached at all. Michael Lee of the Washington Post caught up with Andray Blatche and John Wall, and they share the lack of faith.

But after David Stern announced on Monday in New York that the NBA would cancel the first two weeks of the regular season because the two sides remain “very part apart,” Blatche wrote in a text message that he was “starting to lose hope” and may have to consider going overseas.

John Wall simply wrote in a text message, "it's tough." Things certainly don't sound good. The biggest fear has to be that players like Blatche and other key Wizards will seriously look into Overseas deals that might not have lockout clauses. There is always the chance that their lack of faith is a negotiating tactic, but for the first time, it really seems like things are looking bad.