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NHL Realignment: Detroit Red Wings Could Join Washington Capitals in Southeast Division

On Tuesday night, TSN's Bob McKenzie tweeted that when the NHL realignment process is initiated in early December, the Washington Capitals and the Southeast Division could be adding a historic and dominant franchise. McKenzie is hearing that many NHL governors think the Detroit Red Wings will make a move to the Southeast.

More and more NHL governors convinced DET will be moving to SE Div in Eastern Conference when realignment done in early December.

The realignment discussions are prompted by the Atlanta Thrashers' offseason move to Winnipeg. The Jets are currently in the geographically incongruous Southeast division and are likely to be moved in the realignment process. McKenzie also tweeted that he suspects the Jets could simply replace the Red Wings in the Central Division.

With 11 Stanley Cups in their history, the Red Wings would bring a historic franchise to the Eastern Conference, and join a division predominantly comprised of more modern Sun Belt franchises. Their regular visits to the Verizon Center would certainly add some spice to the division, as their fanbase consistently shows up for road games.

With realignment set to take place in early December, these discussions are certainly going to heat up over the coming month.