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Conference Realignment: Army Unlikely To Join Big East Expansion Plans, Navy Still Uncertain

On Tuesday night, the plans to place all three service academies under the banner of the Big East Conference appeared to fall apart. Army’s athletic director Boo Corrigan articulated the Black Knights’ position that they intended to remain independent.

(Via The Washington Post/Liz Clarke)

"Clearly we’re following everything right now, but we are very comfortable where we are as an independent, and we are comfortable with the Patriot League," Corrigan said in a telephone interview. "We have great respect for the Big East and John Marinatto. But as we look at things today, we are comfortable where we are."

It’s still unclear whether Navy prefers to maintain its independence or join a conference that is clearly in a state of major upheaval on the football side. On Tuesday, Big East officials discussed expansion scenarios that involved as many as six teams, including Houston, Central Florida, Temple, and SMU, in addition to Air Force and Navy.

Air Force maintains its interest in joining the Big East, but the scenario of all three service academies united in one conference was what the Falcons found most appealing. The possibility of that appears over, with Army’s announcement to remain independent in football.