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Navy Vs. Rutgers: Alexander Teich Returns From One-Game Suspension

Alexander Teich was suspended in Navy's last game against Southern Miss, but the fullback will be back in the lineup when the Naval Academy heads up to New Jersey to face the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers this weekend, according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times.

“I think he put so much pressure of the Air Force game on himself that he did some things that were uncharacteristic for him,” Niumatalolo said. “But he’s paid his price and it’s over with. … If some people heard why I suspended him, I guarantee you no one in the country suspended him for what he did.”

Almost sounds like he is bragging there. But in all seriousness, Teich seemed pretty broken up about the suspension, so I'm sure whatever they saw fit to suspend him for is probably something of the past. Navy is going to have a pretty tough time handling Rutgers this weekend, and any help they can get will probably be welcome.