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Maryland Basketball Media Day: Nick Faust On Almost Not Coming To Maryland

When Mark Turgeon took over for Gary Williams as the head coach of the Maryland basketball team he lost two of the recruits that the previous regime had managed to get under letters of intent. But he did retain his best and highest rated recruit, Nick Faust, a lanky shooting guard from Baltimore with a pure, if unorthodox, jumpshot.

But Faust wasn't always guaranteed to come to Maryland after Turgeon took over. Like the other recruits, Faust was interested in seeking his release when the news first came out. According to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, Faust's mother was particularly upset.

"My first conversation with the mom was not good. She was very upset," Turgeon said Wednesday as the team gathered for its Media Day at Comcast Center. "I get her on the phone and she's screaming and yelling and saying she wants her release. I'm trying to keep her calm, and she's mad that I'm probably saying that right now. She goes, 'We just don't trust any coaches right now. Coach Williams said he was going to be here two or three more years.'"

Faust ultimately decided to re-commit, which is a good thing because the Terps might need him this year. He's raw, but he is a very good prospect and could contribute to the team, at least as a long range shooter, almost immediately.