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Brooks Laich Doesn't Like NHL's New Concussion Policies

We've seen this script before in sports. With more and more information coming out about the dangers of concussions, sports leagues have been adding in measures that require players to exhibit more caution when suffering one. The players, who are not used to all the oversight, struggle to adjust, especially because most of them know what they signed up for when becoming a professional athlete.

The quotes Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals gave simply follow this script. Via Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times:

"I really don't care about that awareness stuff. To be honest I'm sick of hearing all this talk about concussions and about the quiet room," Laich said. "This is what we love to do. Guys love to play, they love to compete, they want to be on the ice.

Laich later said he feels like players are "babysat a little too much" and "should have a little bit of say" in what they do. I mean, sure, it's probably babying a bit too much, but better that than players suffering serious brain damage, right? There's probably a balance somewhere, and it'll be reached as soon as the players start to adjust to the new protocols.