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JaVale McGee Says Some Players 'Ready To Fold,' Which Angers Derek Fisher

JaVale McGee was just being honest, y'all. The Wizards' center attended an NBA Players Association meeting in Los Angeles on Friday and gave an interview in which he said the following:


"There's some definitely some guys in there who are ready to fold," he said. "But there are some guys -- the majority -- who are ready to stand strong."

There's nothing especially controversial about that statement -- some players are probably ready to just play now -- but it pissed Derek Fisher off. The NBPA president slammed McGee, saying "the person who spent the least amount of time in the room can't make that statement."

McGee then defended himself on Twitter, and yada yada yada. Truth About It has a full recap of the exchange, which is really nothing more than an honest person being honest and his "boss" of sorts trying his best to present a united front.

This was posted by Mike Prada, whose computer is having issues and needed to send it over.