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Doc Nix, George Mason Nail 'Party Rock Anthem' At Midnight Madness

You'd be hard-pressed to find a six-minute video that sums up the Midnight Madness phenomenon more than this one. In case you aren't familiar with Doc Nix and the legendary George Mason pep band, now you are after they pulled off this "Party Rock Anthem" performance. Not only were all the notes on point, but they also got dancers, players and band members alike to show off their moves in the middle of the dance floor.

The whole thing was the highlight of probably the best Midnight Madness in the area. We already noted new coach Paul Hewitt coming out in an ensemble that resembled Doc Nix's, which was exactly the way to endear himself to his new fans. Throw in this, and you have an event.

Video of the entire six-minute performance is below the jump, via Dan Steinberg.

Alright George Mason fans, here's the video.