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Panthers Vs. Capitals: Matt Bradley Intends To Apologize To Alexander Semin

In an August 17 interview, former Washington Capitals forward Matt Bradley, now of the Florida Panthers, said that his former teammate, forward Alexander Semin, "just doesn't care." Tuesday, the Caps and Panthers will meet for the first time this season at Verizon Center and according to CSN Washington's Chuck Gormley, Bradley intends to apologize for his comments.

After the Panthers practiced Monday, Bradley told the Orlando Sun Sentinel that he will apologize to Semin if the two cross paths:

"I wish I could take it back," Bradley told the Orlando Sun Sentinel following Monday's morning skate prior to the Panthers' game in Tampa. "I apologize for saying it.

"(Semin's) a great player. It's one of those things you wish you could take back, but you can't, so all I could do is apologize and move forward. He's one of the stars in this league. I had no business saying that."

"If I see him I'll apologize," Bradley added.

Bradley deserves some respect for owning up to what he feels was a mistake. The response he will receive at Verizon Center, however, has yet to be seen.