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2011 NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Redskins Still Ranked In Top Half After Loss To Philadelphia

SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of their 2011 NFL Power Rankings, and they still have the Washington Redskins ranked in the top half of teams after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The Redskins were ranked ninth heading into the game this weekend, but after the loss, they fell all the way to No. 14.

The Redskins face an uphill battle so they have to win on the road against Carolina this week.

I honestly expected the Redskins to fall a little bit more than they did. They were considered overachievers after the first four weeks of the season, so I kind of thought that they would plummet down the rankings as soon as they showed that they weren't the surprise team we thought they were after the 3-1 start.

I guess they showed enough against the Eagles that the guys at SB Nation didn't want to drop them down that far. Pretty good to be ranked this highly considering what the expectations were heading into the Season, and the quarterback issues this team has faced.

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