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Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Washington Redskins Fall Five Spots On ESPN's List

The Washington Redskins were in the top 10 in ESPN's NFL Power Rankings last week, but after a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, they have taken a tumble. The Redskins fell to No. 15 in the Week 7 edition of ESPN's NFL Power Rankings, the second-largest single-week drop of any NFL squad.

The drop probably took place because of the massive uncertainty at quarterback. Rex Grossman's benching exposed the Redskins' weakness at the most position on the field, and ESPN's panel probably felt that was enough to suggest that the Redskins' winning record was deceiving.

The only team to suffer a larger drop, ironically, was the Dallas Cowboys, who fell from No. 15 to No. 21 after a loss to the New England Patriots. The New York Giants moved up three spots to No. 14, while the Philadelphia Eagles moved up to No. 20.

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