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Conference Realignment: Air Force AD Says 'No Real Impetus' To Join Big East

Rumors of Big East expansion centered around the conference inviting Navy, Boise State, Air Force and Central Florida to join the conference, with the first three for football only. However, it appears that Air Force is in no rush to sign up to join the conference, even after the Big East raised its exit fee to $10 million earlier Tuesday. In an interview with Pete Thamel of the New York Times, Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh said the program isn't making any rushed decisions.

Air Force in no rush. AD Hans Mueh just told me, "There’s not real impetus to do anything but sit back and watch."
It will be interesting to see if this has any affect on Navy's decision-making when it comes to joining the conference. On Monday, Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk told Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports that the possible addition of Boise State will be a factor in determining their own fate. However, it's been widely believes that Navy and Air Force are a package deal as fellow service academies.