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Conference Realignment: Big East Approached By Mountain West, Conference USA About Possible Merger

The Big East Conference is in dire straights right now. Three of their biggest football schools have left the Conference (or are about to) and the future of the football playing entity of the Big East is starting to look increasingly grim. According to Mark Anderson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, that future could come as part of a giant super-conference with the Mountain West and Conference USA.

Commissioners from the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA are scheduled to meet with the head of the Big East Conference today to discuss the formation of one 28- to 32-football team super conference in an effort to gain automatic Bowl Championship Series status. The Mountain West and Conference USA already have agreed to merge by either next year or in 2013.

The logistics of trying to schedule games in a 28-30 team super-conference would be insane, let alone the travel to get the teams from one place to another. It would take a few years to play every team in the Conference if you played all new teams every year. This isn't a conference, it's a collection of survivors that band together in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. It feels very desperate to me, but that's where we are in this current post-apocalyptic NCAA landscape.