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NCAA Conference Realignment: West Virginia Move To Big 12 Reportedly 'Hits Snag'

For a while there it looked like West Virginia was going to be able to move seamlessly into the Big 12. But nothing is ever easy with all this conference realignment stuff, is it? Now we are getting reports that West Virginia to the Big 12 isn't a done-deal yet like we thought it was yesterday. According to the staff of the West Virginia Metro News, there has been a snag in the proceedings, and it might be an attempt by Louisville to be the team that replaces Missouri in the Big 12.

The Dominion Post's Drew Rubenstein reports that there was a "late push" by the University of Louisville to be considered instead of WVU. "Sources used terms like ‘volatile' and ‘internal battle' to describe the conference realignment with the Big 12," Rubenstein reported. Last night, WVU called off preliminary plans for a press conference today. 

So now that the Big East is officially sinking, and everyone is trying their darnedest to be the last rat off the ship before it goes down. Louisville might be a more attractive candidate because of academic issues, so we'll have to see if the Big 12 likes them better.