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NBA Lockout: Progress Made After 15-Hour Meeting Of Owners, Players On Wednesday

After the two sides where basically at a stalemate for months on end, the Players Union and the Owners reportedly made some measure of progress on a new collective bargaining agreement during a marathon 15-hour meeting on Wednesday. They're still not close, but at least they are starting to move back towards one another in these negotiations.

"We were able to work through a number of different issues today regarding our system," union president Derek Fisher said. "We can't say that major progress was made in any way, but some progress was made on system issues. Obviously enough for us to come back."

This is welcome news for all of us NBA fans that are so disappointed that we won't be seeing some basketball this weekend, as it normally does. The progress that was made is that the owners are no longer insisting on a 50-50 revenue split, which had been the biggest sticking point in the negotiations. If they can agree on that particular aspect of the CBA, then the other parts might start to fall into place a little bit easier. The NBA is not back, yet, but it is getting closer.