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Michael Beasley Lawsuit: Suit Claims Head Of D.C. Assault Steered Beasley Towards Particular Representation

Michael Beasley has filed a lawsuit that claims that an agent funded the D.C. Assault AAU program that Beasley grew up playing in, and as a result the head of that program felt obliged to steer Beasley towards that agent when it was time to find professional representation. The agent was Joel Bell, who represented Beasley until he was fired recently. Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post has a phenomenal breakdown on the whole case and exactly what the issues are, but the crux of the case is boiled down here.

Barring a settlement, the court must decide whether Beasley is a 22-year-old trying to avoid paying Bell his commission by firing him after he had virtually completed his work. In the case of Beasley’s countersuit, at issue is whether the player was denied appropriate representation by people seeking to cash in on relationships built during his teenage years.

Beasley feels as though Bell provided funds for the D.C. Assault program to get Beasley to choose him as representation down the line. There was an original suit filed against Beasley by Bell to pay him a bonus that he was owed despite being fired, this is a counter-suit by Beasley so he doesn't have to pay Bell back.

This is not a good situation for Beasley or Bell, but particularly the D.C. Assault program. They are one of the more recognizable programs in the area if not the Nation, and any controversy, especially with one of their most recognizable players, can't be good for them.