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Marine Corps Marathon 2011: Events, Time And Schedule For The Weekend

Washington D.C. will host a huge undertaking this weekend as 30,000 runners from all 50 states and 54 countries will converge on the nation's capitol to take place in the 36th Annual Marine Core Marathon beginning at 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

The marathon itself is just one of the many events that will be taking place this weekend, as eight events in total are scheduled to stretch from as early as Thursday to the race finish on mid Sunday. The first event on Thursday was centered around Health and Fitness, and allowed over 100,000 visitors and participants the opportunity to learn from experts in the running industy. The second event, a pep rally for the marathon's estimated 11,000 first-timers took place on Friday night.

The main stress of the event schedule is of course running though, and beginning at 9:30 Saturday morning, kid's aged 5-12 will take on a mile run as part of the Healthy Kids Fun Run. Following the Kids Run is a panel called the MCM Runners Conference, offering advice about the race itself, to women and to first timers. Saturday night is capped off with the Carbo Dining-In pasta dinner for runners and their families.

Early on Sunday morning, 10,000 participants will run in a prelude to the main event, a 6.2-mile (10K) run at the National Mall. Then at 8 a.m. the main event ensues as the race will begin, live on Comcast SportsNet. After the event has concluded, runners and spectators alike will then visit the MCM Finish Festival for post-race hospitality and prizes.

For more information on the marathon and a full schedule of this weekend's events, visit this page, and keep logging on to SB Nation DC for more updates.