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Albert Pujols To The Washington Nationals? Stranger Things Have Happened

Amid the champagne bottles and World Series trophies, somewhere the agent for Albert Pujols was calculating the dollars heading his clients way. Pujols should enjoy the World Series triumph, because his free agency begins in about a week and is shaping up to be the biggest prize in MLB history.

One report claims that one of the strongest suitors for Pujols could be the Washington Nationals. The numbers are staggering: 10 years for $300 million. Wow. Links after the jump.

According to the story, the Nats could come in hard for Pujols. 

The Washington Nationals have money and aren't afraid to spend it. The prevailing wisdom is that the Nationals would top whatever offer the Cardinals make.

The baseball side makes plenty of sense. Pujols is the best hitter of his generation, what team would'nt want him. The guy just joined Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth in the three homeruns in one World Series game club. Every team in the majors must want Pujols.


For the Nats, you move Mike Morse to the outfield and suddenly the lineup is deep and powerful. Imagine a middle of the order with Ryan Zimmerman, Pujols and Morse. If the young players can grow and Jayson Werth returns to his career average, not to mention a guy named Stephen Strasburg pitching a full season, there is no ceiling for the Nats. 

All of that said, I don't see it happening. Pujols is going to make a boat load of cash, but I think it will happen in St. Louis. Albert does not employ the services of Scott Boras, the agent that maximizes every penny of leverage from the market. 

National fans have plenty of reasons for optimism, but I wouldn't expect Albert Pujols to be a part of the future in the Navy Yard.