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Marine Corps Marathon Update: Deciphering The Tweets

As we scan the twitterverse, tweets about the Marine Corps Marathon are starting to paint a picture about the race, and we are able to get a feel for what's going on at the front of the pack.

  • Here's a tweet that relays times at the front of the race.
  • Want to know what the weather is like out there? This guy has you covered. And for the female perspective on the temperatures, here's another one.
  • And there's this one about the pre-race festivities.
  • This tweet about the lead runners location is a little dated, but time-stamped so you can piece it together.
  • There is also this story about a former winner.
  • Looking for more marathon photos? Apparently the Marine Corps Marathon's Facebook Page  is sharing pretty good ones according to this tweet.
  • These fine service men and women are serving as the good Samaritans.

Stay tuned to SB Nation D.C. and the Storystream for more on the marathon as it develops.