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College Football Rankings, Week 10: Virginia Tech, Clemson Right Next To Each Other In Polls

Virginia Tech looked pretty bad in slipping by lowly Duke, 14-10, on Saturday, and the two sets of college football rankings are unsure whether to place the Hokies above Clemson, who lost to Georgia Tech on Saturday night. The AP poll put Clemson ahead, but the USA Today/ESPN poll has the Hokies in front.

In the AP poll, Clemson is ranked No. 11 overall, while Virginia Tech is ranked No. 12. In the USA Today poll, however, the order is reversed, with Virginia Tech at No. 11 and Clemson at No. 12. The two teams are on course to meet in the ACC Championship Game, so we'll get a final answer at some point.

The only other ACC team to make the Top 25 is Georgia Tech, who re-entered the polls with the win over Clemson. The Yellow Jackets are ranked No. 22 in the AP Poll and No. 23 in the USA Today poll.

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