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BCS Rankings Week 10: Clemson Still Leads ACC Despite Loss

The Week 10 BCS rankings are now officially out and the Clemson Tigers take a dive as Virginia Tech continues to climb. Even with the loss to Georgia Tech, Clemson still lead the ACC in the BCS rankings, falling from No. 5 in the rankings all the way to No. 11. Clemson still controls their fate in the Atlantic division and can still climb back up in the rankings, with a game against No. 9 South Carolina still on the table.

Virginia Tech continues to slowly creep up the BCS standings, moving up from No. 12 to No. 11 after their near upset against Duke, 14-10. Georgia Tech comes in on the polls from the unranked up to No. 23 after handing Clemson their first loss of the season. The Hokies can still climb in the rankings however, as they still have a match up with Georgia Tech this weekend and are in the drivers seat in the Coastal division.

The Maryland Terrapins have already played two of the three BCS ranked ACC teams, losing to both Clemson and Georgia Tech. The Terps kept it close against the Yellow Jackets, losing just 21-16. The Terps were run over by the Tigers the very next week however, 56-45.

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