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Amir Khan Vs. Lamont Peterson: Press Conference For December 10 Fight Scheduled For 2 P.M. Thursday

Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson will be fighting for the WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles on December 10th at the Washington Convention Center. Before we can even start to think about the fight itself, we have to get past the Press Conference, which always has the potential for a lot of entertainment. The fight was announced on Tuesday in London, but the Washington D.C. Press Conference will take place on Thursday on the roof of the W Hotel in downtown D.C., according to Khan's official website.

Choosing the W Hotel really hammers home the Washington D.C. aspect of the fight as it overlooks the White House. Khan has already expressed interest in inviting Presidents Obama and Clinton. This is the first big fight in Washington D.C. in about 20 years, and it seems like they really want to make every effort to make it as Washington D.C. as possible.

We'll be following the fight in this StoryStream leading up to the fight. For more on this fight and boxing in general head over to Bad Left Hook.