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VIDEO: Former Washington CF Nyjer Morgan Proficient At Baseball, Profanity

Nyjer Morgan, or The Real T Plush depending on the hour of the day, delivered the game winning hit in Friday's National League Division Series do-or-die Game 5 between the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks, and as only Nyjer can do, he managed to drop at least two F bombs live on TBS during the postgame coverage.

Morgan, traded by the Nationals to the Brewers at the end of Spring Training this year, hit a grounder up the middle off Arizona closer J.J. Putz in the tenth inning, scoring Carlos Gomez from second base and sending Miller Park into a wild frenzy as Milwaukee advanced to the National League Championship Series to face either the Philadelphia Phillies or the St. Louis Cardinals.

Nyjer's NSFW clip is below, courtesy of Sports Grid:

Hey TBS, that's the FCC on Line 2. And Sam Ryan, I think the license plate of the truck that just ran you over on live television is TPLUSH4LF.