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Kevin Anderson Pleads With Maryland Fans To Attend Saturday's Game Against Virginia

Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson sent out an email to Maryland Fans and various other members of Terrapin Nation on Monday afternoon with a very simple message; if you're going to see one mediocre ACC matchup in person this weekend, make it Maryland Vs. Virginia.

Sure, the weather can be partially to blame, but everyone knows that despite the rain, there would have been more people in the stands last Saturday against Boston College if there was a better team on the field. This email from Kevin Anderson, found on DC Sports Bog, aims to address that. Go give the whole letter a read, and we'll talk about it after the jump.

I was at that game against Boston College on Sunday, that picture in the article linked above is from my camera. It was embarrassing to see the stadium that empty, and in 7 years of going to Terps games, it's by far the most empty I've ever seen it. The team wasn't much better that day, but I'm ready to chalk up that performance by the fans on the weather, it was absolutely miserable outside on Saturday, and I only had to walk from my car to the press box.

But Anderson is right, the team has not been good at all this year. It's tough to watch on television, let alone shelling out the money to see it in person. But I also tend to think that true Maryland wouldn't pass up the chance to see the last Terps' last game of the year, especially because it is Senior Day. And hey, the weather is supposed to be pretty good too.