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Big East Expansion: Conference Votes To Add Six, Navy Expected To Be Invited For Football Only

The latest round of conference realignment sounds a lot like what we've already heard. The Big East voted unanimously to extend invitations to football-only and all-sport members on Tuesday, and according to an Associated Press report, Navy is one of the football-only schools that will be invited.

The conference declined to specify the six schools publicly, but according to the report, the other five schools are Boise State and Air Force for football and Central Florida, SMU and Central Florida for all sports. All six schools have been rumored to be heading to the Big East for quite some time, so the news isn't earth-shattering. Nevertheless, the conference confirming that invitations were sent out is a sign that this could be resolved soon.

Navy has been an independent, but the Big East hopes the presence of Air Force will convince Navy to make the move. Army has already rejected an invitation from the conference.