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Ed DeChellis' Agent Discusses 'Discomfort' He Felt Dealing With Penn State

The Penn State scandal story involving the Jerry Sandusky allegations and the decision to fire coach Joe Paterno affects so many people in so many parts of the country. Until today, I had forgotten about one more local connection: current Navy basketball coach Ed DeChellis, who coached at Penn State for eight years before leaving and taking a pay cut to come to Navy.

DeChellis' connection to the whole thing seems pretty tepid. Well, that was until his agent, Steve Kaufmann, put the following out on Twitter.


Kauffman is regarded as one of the good guys in the business, so I don't want to read too much into it, but that's certainly a strange way to phrase discussions. It's worth noting that DeChellis was potentially on his way out anyway regardless, so the discomfort Kauffman supposedly experienced may have had more to do with that than anything else.

In the end, perhaps Kauffman was merely noting his own relief in his client not being the head coach during a time when any employee of the University is faced with intense scrutiny. If so, that's certainly understandable.