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Navy Vs. SMU Halftime Update: Mids Hold 10-3 Lead At Halftime

The Navy Midshipman continued their drive that began at the end of the first quarter, and with the assistance of a pass interference penalty, slot back Gee Gee Greene punched the ball in from the goal line to put Navy up 10-0. SMU got the football back after the score and their offense began to move the football.

Running back Zach Line lead the way for the Mustangs, picking up chunks of yards on the ground against the Mids defense. The drive was assisted by 21-yard pass to Darius Johnson to put the football in Navy territory. SMU marched all the way down to the goal line. On 3rd-and-goal however, quarterback J.J. McDermott was picked off by David Sperry in the endzone, foiling the drive.

SMU got the football back and once again went down the field, this time on the arm of McDermott. McDermott threw the ball eleven times on the drive, but it stalled out on the Navy 11-yard line. The Mustangs had to settle for a field goal, cutting Navy's lead to 10-3.

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