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College Football Rankings: BCS Poll, Just Like AP, Keeps Clemson Ahead Of Virginia Tech

Just like the AP Poll released earlier Sunday, the BCS Rankings released at 8:15 EST kept ACC Atlantic Division winner, Clemson, at No. 7, one spot above No. 8 Virginia Tech.

Though the Tigers beat the Hokies head-to-head in Week 5 by the score of 23-3, Clemson has struggled in their last four games, allowing 45 points to a two-win Maryland team, giving up 38 points to a UNC offense that has been wildly inconsistent, coming back after being down 18 points for a 56-45 win, losing by two touchdowns to Georgia Tech and coming from behind to beat Wake Forest at home Saturday on a last-second field goal. Certainly the poll is weighing that head-to-head win considerably.

The Hokies jumped Stanford in the latest poll, a little surprising considering the Cardinal lost to an Oregon team entrenched in the BCS Top-10 for many weeks. Should the Hokies win their remaining two games and Clemson hold on to beat NC State and rival South Carolina, the ACC will place two Top-10 teams in the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte. Florida State joined the BCS Top-25 at No. 25 to give the ACC its third team in the rankings. The full poll is listed below.


2 Oklahoma State

3 Alabama

4 Oregon

5 Oklahoma

6 Arkansas

7 Clemson

8 Virginia Tech

9 Stanford

10 Boise State

11 Houston

12 South Carolina

13 Kansas State

14 Georgia

15 Michigan State

16 Nebraska

17 Wisconsin

18 Michigan

19 TCU

20 Southern Miss

21 Penn State

22 Baylor

23 Texas

24 Auburn

25 Florida State