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2011 NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Redskins Fall To No. 29

The weekly NFL Power Rankings continue to pour in, and the fellas over at Pro Football Talk were not nearly as kind to the Redskins as our brethren at SB Nation were. After losing to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Mike Florio dropped the Redskins down to No. 29, one spot behind those pesky Dolphins.

Now there are teams with fewer wins than the Redskins that are ranked higher than them in these rankings, but I don't think that there is anyone on this list, except maybe the Colts, who are playing worse than them right now, and tat is why they find themselves so close to the bottom of the list.

After five straight losses the Redskins now stand at just 3-6 more than halfway through the year. They are looking up at teams like the Jaguars, Panthers and Vikings in these rankings. Needless to say, things have not gone according to plan over the past month or so.

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