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2012 NFL Draft: Redskins Should Look For Quarterbacks

As it stands right now for the Washington Redskins, who sit a 3-6, they could pick anywhere from sixth overall to 11th overall depending on how tie breakers and coin flips work out. Undoubtedly, the biggest issue for the Redskins going forward is at the quarterback position. The team has bounced back and forth between Rex Grossman and John Beck, but neither are the long term answer. The Redskins by passed the chance to draft Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, and Andy Dalton in the 2010 NFL Draft, selecting outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan.

Going forward, the Redskins won't be able to do much as a franchise until quarterback is addressed. Though the Redskins will miss out on the Andrew Luck sweepstakes barring a massive winning streak by the Indianapolis Colts and the Redskins losing out, that doesn't mean all is lost for quarterbacks. Outside of Luck, there are some other very good prospects that should be available.

The second ranked quarterback according to SB Nation's Mocking The Draft is Southern Cal's Matt Barkley, who could be available for the Redskins. If Barkley comes out, he could be available for the Redskins if they wind up picking close to the Top 5. While Luck is the head and shoulders best quarterback in the class, Barkley isn't that far behind him. His season is a bit overshadowed because of Luck playing the same conference, but in their match up with Stanford, Barkley went blow for blow with Luck.

Outside of Barkley there is the likes of Oklahoma's Landry Jones and Baylor's Robert Griffin III. Jones is the more traditional drop back, spread quarterback. Jones is having a fantastic season, statistically, and has drawn comparisons to his former teammate and St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

Robert Griffin III is a more dynamic style quarterback, but he's not just a guy who can run with the football. Griffin has a fantastic arm to go with his athletic ability, and makes accurate throws down the field. At one point in the season in 2010, Griffin III had more touchdown passes than he did incompletions.

So, while the Redskins will likely miss out on Andrew Luck, there are plenty of other good options at quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft.

We'll keep track of the NFL Draft order throughout the rest of the season in this StoryStream. For more on the NFL Draft head over to Mocking the Draft, and for more info on the Redskins check out Hogs Haven.