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Fantasy Football Week 11 Advice: Start DeMarco Murray, Sit Felix Jones

The Dallas Cowboys offense got back on track last week against the Buffalo Bills, but the Washington Redskins defense that they face this week is much tougher. Still, as the Redskins aren't likely to score many points, and will probably fall behind early, you might be tempted to start either of the Cowboys running backs. According to the fantasy football projection site numberFire though, only one Cowboys running back is a worth a start. Its rookie DeMarco Murray.

At 14.53 fantasy points, Murray is projected to be the seventh highest scoring running back this week as he is coming off an elite performance in which he racked up 23.10 fantasy points against Buffalo last Sunday.

Wide receivers Dez Bryant and Laurent Robinson are each strong plays this week against the Redskins, as is tight end Jason Witten.

Tony Romo is projected to earn 16.30 fantasy points, making him the fourth rated quarterback heading into Sunday's games, and the Dallas defense is also a good option against the interception-prone Rex Grossman.